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From Laura&Style To TFashionFiles To Laura Reid

So how did this all start for me? My interest in creating videos started when I was in university getting a Psychology degree. Even though it was an arts degree there was no creativity going on there, so it allowed me to express myself in a way I couldn’t in my everyday school life. Not many people know this but I actually had a channel before the one I have now back in 2011. It was created when I was in high school and at the time I kept it a very big secret. Thankfully the internet has a lovely thing called the ‘Way Back Machine’ also known as https://archive.org/ that allows you to view what websites looked like way back when.

Funny enough I ended up deleting this channel and starting a new one after I got my Adsense account banned due to clicking on my own ads. I laugh about it now but at the time I was crushed. I was so excited to be making money and had no idea you couldn’t click on your own ads (which I look back now and go, well duh). That’s what let to the launch of ‘TFashionFiles’ or what is now just known as ‘Laura Reid’. This channel which I referred to at The Fashion Files was fashion and lifestyle content that the YouTube platform was flooded with at the time. From Juicystar07 to the ‘Tumblr’ girls who made videos on their morning routines, this genre was the thing to be in at the time. My first (and apparently last lol) viral video also happened during this time where I had 31 Halloween Costume Ideas get 1.6 million views over a few months. This was huge for me and because I never expected it to go viral I didn’t monetize it since I decided to use a song by Beyonce. So word to the wise always expect a video could go viral so you don’t make the same mistake I did.

After graduating, I decided to take six months and backpack through Southeast Asia with my boyfriend at the time. After returning home I landed a job at a digital marketing agency, managing different brands social media accounts and creating content for companies professionally. All this while still maintaining my own social media on the side. I decided, not even a few months in that job, to quit and pursue YouTube full time. I figured this was my last chance before entering the corporate world full-time and knew I’d regret it if I didn’t. I went to go live in Bangkok with my now ex, as he had decided to pursue YouTube full-time as well. He was making travel videos which I was featured in and we vlogged our adventures around Southeast Asia. This is what caused me to fall in love with this part of the world and when the travel bug really got me. Since I was still making fashion videos on my personal channel, it became quite hard to create content on the road, so my channel basically fell to the wayside. I ended up just helping my boyfriend at the time with his channel and then posted every few weeks on my own channel just to keep it alive.

Fast forward 2 years, I went through a big life change (when my ex and I parted ways) and I decided I wanted to switch my channel over to travel. I found the fashion space on YouTube to be very saturated and I wanted a genre that not as many people were in. I knew I loved travel and my Instagram had already completely switched over to travel content, so I made the switch on YouTube as well. On March 14th 2018 I posted my first travel video of my new channel direction and the rest was history. My travel videos started to pick up in views and I enjoyed making them so much. I knew right there that I had made the right decision to switch. What was also appealing about it was that there was barely any other females in the travel space and I wanted to change that. To this day there still aren’t many female travel creators, it’s either males or couples. So if you’re looking for a genre I’d definitely do some research into travel. The obvious downfall is that it’s an expensive genre to be in since it requires a lot of flights and hotels.

So here we are today fast forward many years later. I feel so fortunate to be able to do this as a job full time and I absolutely love my life. I was thinking the other day about when I feel truly the happiest, and it has to be when I’m on a scooter in the sun riding through the backroads of Asia. There’s something about it that’s so incredibly freeing and it brings me a lot of joy. As for what the future holds? Well for starters, I’m finalizing my clothing and swim line which will be launching VERY soon. It has taken me so long to get to this point due to struggles of finding the right fabric and frankly just not knowing what I was doing. I’ve learned so much while doing it and I’m happy to say it will be launching early summer 2020 (few months away ah!). The line was created based on a problem I had where I always ran out of things to wear while travelling. When you’re on a trip you end up wearing the same dress or skirt over and over again. So I wanted to create a product that looked like two pieces in one. That’s where the idea of my line Livmore came about. Clothing that could be worn either way, also known as reversible clothing. But I wanted it to be trendy and something you could take an Instagram photo in. All the reversible clothing on the market was not what I would describe ‘trendy’ and looked like something your parents might wear. I love how the pieces turned out so stay tuned for the official launch date by following me on Instagram @laurareidd or go to https://www.livmorethelabel.com/

Alright folks, that is it for the history of Laura. I hope you enjoyed getting a bit of insight into my life and get ready for exciting things to come! Thank you so much for all your support it really means the world!


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